Friday, January 20, 2012

.on the menu. brown rice sushi .

.shopping list.
.short grain brown rice.
.soy sauce.
.rice vinegar.
.nori sheets.
.fresh sushi grade tuna and salmon.
.raw veggies of your choice.
.fresh ginger.

.99% of the time I use recipes as a general guideline, I am terrible at following them. This could quite possibly be the reason why I struggle with baking. When making sushi rice it is important and incredibly necessary to follow the recipe. Here is the link to the recipe that I used;

.Benefits of Brown Rice.

.inside goodies.
.Slice your veggies and fruit lengthwise. This helps when rolling them and makes it easier to spread them out easily throughout the roll.

.how to roll it.

.what I put in my rolls.
.Sundried tomato and veggie roll; sundried tomatoes, mango avocado, organic mixed greens, and cucumber.
.Tuna ginger roll and Tuna Nigiri; tuna, fresh grated ginger, drizzle of soy sauce, avocado, mango, and sprouts.


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